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NN650 – IOM Cart

The NN650 IOM cart uses the complete feature set of the Neuro software, combined with Protektor® hardware from Natus/XLTEK, to create the optimal IOM system.  This perfect combination of durable, efficient, and easy to use hardware and software is housed in a sturdy yet easily movable cart designed for mobility between OR suites, the ICU, or a diagnostic lab.  The NeuroNet® NN650 is a multi-modality capable system, simultaneously capturing SEPs, TcMEPs, BAEPs, continuous and evoked EMG, and continuous EEG with speed and efficiency.

Select features:

  • 64/16 channel flexible system
  • Multi-modality, simultaneous data collection (SEPs, TcMEPs, BAEPs, EMGs, EEGs)
  • Real-time remote viewing capability
  • Real-time messaging capability
  • Fully customizable montages in addition to predefined, suggested tests
  • Independent digital filtering for each channel
  • Designed for easy mobility
  • Multiple drawer space
  • Large work area
  • Easy equipment storage using hook design


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