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NeuroNet® V

NeuroNet® V was introduced into the marketplace in its current configuration in 1998.  Its modular information gathering and processing system is composed of two main parts: a workstation and the Neurodata Acquistion System.  This allows for speed and dependability of use in the operating room and intensive care unit.

The flexibility provided by the system allows ease in updating and expansion.  Each user has the opportunity to custom-design their own system to meet both current and future needs.  The NeuroNet® V system uses CDI’s Neuro Software Suite.


CDI’s NeuroNet® V was on the market for over a decade and although it is no longer available for purchase, this durable system is still being used inside operating rooms across the United States.  While CDI has developed NeuroNet® VI and optimized its use with more portable hardware, we are still committed to supporting our valued customers who continue to utilize NeuroNet® V.

CDI maintains a high level of customer support for all products we have introduced into the field.  If you have purchased a NeuroNet® V or earlier system and are in need of support, please contact us for assistance at support@cdi.com