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Neuro Software Suite

Fast and simple.  Efficient and friendly.  Powerful and reliable.  The Neuro Software Suite version 6 is the latest release of the Neuro software line.  Developed by neurophysiologists, with design, input and testing by neurotechnologists, the Neuro Software Suite is the perfect combination of ease of use, power in data collection, and ease of data organization and storage.

With the ability to monitor multiple modalities simultaneously, archive data for easy storage and retrieval, remote connection and communication to a neurophysiologist or supervising physician, this software proves daily in the operating room that it is state of the art.

For monitoring services currently using Natus/XLTEK Protektor hardware and the EPWorks Software, CDI offers the option to upgrade your system to the Neuro Software Suite.

For images of Neuro software please click here.


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