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NeuroNet® VI

Where sophistication meets simplicity…

CDI’s NeuroNet® VI series of products represent years of research and development in patient monitoring. As the complexity and necessity of intraoperative neuromonitoring expands in the operating room, our product leads to provide the most advanced IOM technical services.

The systems are designed for expandability, dependability, and most importantly, ease of use and clarity of data presentation.

NeuroNet® VI Delivers Significant Advantages

Why CDI surpasses its competitors…

  • Ease of Setup and Use
  • Simultaneous Monitoring of SEPs, EMGs, CMPs, BAPs, MEPs and EEGs
  • Comprehensive Data Display
  • Networked Data Sharing with Independent Remote Viewing
  • Ease of Integration with Electronic Medical Records
  • Networked User-to-User Communication
  • Flexible, High Quality Data Collection
  • Comprehensive Training and Support for Customers
  • Versatile and Customizable
  • Reliability

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